Thursday, October 7, 2021

What Is the COVID Narrative?

Invitation to Ponder: mentally check off the narrative elements one believes or accepts, while at the same time asking: What if this is false?
□  Covid-19 is a novel virus that originated in nature.
□  (In the less-accepted alternative: it was an accidental leak from a “gain-of-function” bio-lab.
□   It originated in Wuhan, China.
□   It has high mortality.
□   Masks, social distancing, and isolation help prevent the spread.
□   Asymptomatic people can spread it.
□  Vaccinated people do not spread it.
□  Vaccination protects against getting COVID and its variants.
□  Experimental vaccines are safe and effective.
□  Natural immunity is not as effective as vaccination.
□  Naturally-derived variants are rapidly occurring, requiring booster shots.
□  Individual rights and freedoms must give way to higher values of health, safety, obedience, and the greater good.
□  Resisters to mandates are selfish, narcisstic, psychopathic, etc.
□  Big pharma can be trusted.
□  The Main Stream Media can be trusted.
□  Scientists, doctors, medical professionals, researchers, writers, and podcasters who challenge the narrative are spreading misinformation and should be censored and disciplined.
□  Costs of lockdown, mandates, business closures, delays in treating other health issues, etc. are justified by predicted cases, contagion risks, and deaths.
□  There is no significant reason to distinguish between: “death with COVID” and “death from COVID.”
□  Doctors should be disciplined for using their best, but non-approved judgment in treating their patients.
□  Accounts of severe COVID illness are important to broadcast as normative, but not accounts of “unapproved” successful treatments and therapies.
□  Accounts of severe adverse reaction following vaccination are extremely rare and cause unnecessary, misinformed fear if allowed to be broadcast.
□  PCR cycle thresholds need not be reported to doctors or their patients who test positive.
□  Vaccine passports are essential for the safety of everyone.
□  There is no deception intended in designating “fully vaccinated” persons as un-vaccinated until 2-weeks after their last vaccination.
□  Discrimination is justified in denying services and amenities to those who are un-vaccinated or who reject the narrative.
□  COVID-19 has nothing to do with “build-back-better” or domination agendas.
If the world wants the truth, the above narrative constitutes the pscience* of COVID, because the real (censored) science has already proven every single one of these narrative statements to be misleading or false. The suppressed evidence is overwhelming and will be recognized in due course, because truth can only be suppressed so long. Those who wittingly or unwittingly promoted or supported the COVID narrative will also, in due course, come to realize the evil which they sustained and which they seduced or bullied others into accepting.

Here are just a few exposures of truth (of hundreds possible) that are being denied / ignored / suppressed by narrative voices:
4,000 Patents: Why the ‘Novel’ SARS-CoV-2 Virus Isn’t so Novel
By Dr. Joseph Mercola | 10/04/21 |

(Dan Astin-Gregory | Sep 21, 2021 | Time 1:13:34) at

The Big Lie - How to Enslave the World
Academy of Ideas | Sep 30, 2021 | Time 12:02 min.) at
And if one wants to understand the depth of evil behind this COVID narrative, study the findings of deep investigators at
The truth? The entire COVID narrative is built lie upon lie; bio-weaponed sickness on sickness; unethical experiment on experiment; repetitive psy-op on psy-op; predictable, preventable death upon death.

* pscience = the misuse and abuse of science in the psychopathic pursuit of power, gain, glory, and domination.