Thursday, May 10, 2018


Will we ever understand our present world if we refuse to confront the déjà vus of the MK-Ultra system? Could this domination scheme be the same satanic, secret system for acquiring, preserving, and protecting power and gain, the details of which Alma, Helaman, and Moroni held back from the people for their protection?1 Do we think it has not recycled into our day?

MK-Ultra Documentary: Techniques, Celebrities & more!
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What will be the consequence if we deny the reality of what is happening today? If one does not know what MK-Ultra is, perhaps it is time to awaken to an awareness of the world's awful situation.2 The witnesses are everywhere.

Will ignorance / apathy / disbelief be amongst the great convictions we have to face? that seeing we would not see? that hearing we would not hear? that being warned we refused to process the warnings?

Is it time to come awake and refuse to be further seduced by the propaganda of power- and wealth-dominated systems? by persons without conscience who will do anything to acquire, preserve, and protect power, gain, and pleasure?

P.S. Do not fall for the lie that the MK-Ultra system (sponsored and funded by the CIA) was discontinued after the 1977 U.S. Senate Committee hearings.3 Permutations and combinations of mind-kontrol have only increased with advancing technology; with extortion, blackmail, fear- and covenant-bound secrecy. Dissembling is the name of the deceiver's game. Just listen to Gina Haspel.4 Of course, she has no intention of “restarting” detention and [enhanced] interrogation programs. Who needs to restart what has never been stopped? And she knows it, as do most of those who will confirm her nomination, unless We The People finally stand up against the abominations, atrocities, and mind-kontrol that we seem to pretend do not exist at the highest levels of our government, corporate, and entertainment worlds.

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