Thursday, October 21, 2021

It All Makes Perfect Sense!

How many times have we heard, “It makes no sense!” when discussing new-normal rules, regulations, mandates, contradictory “facts and stats.”, etc., etc., YET, it does make perfect sense if we can bring ourselves to admit the depth of evil and mendacity that drives the COVID narrative1 (and the coming, sequential climate psy-op).

We have been clearly told that destruction of God's creation is Satan's agenda,2 SO, if destruction is the goal, why do we seem so stupefied at the breakdown of common sense, civility, freedom, and civilizing foundations? The adversary's plan is meant to distort, invert, confuse, mock, anger, and trigger the worst of our “natural man”3 tendencies, SO again, if the goal is to destroy the world, it makes perfect, psychopathic sense to pretend to be saving the world while at the same time strategizing agendas to destroy it.

Everything we are witnessing makes perfect sense to the destroyers (the obsessed Utopians4); and until we wake-up and acknowledge the sense it makes, we will continue to be aiders and abettors of our own destruction.5

Read this abbreviated, collated description of the agendas that drove the French Revolution6 (and all the other European revolutions) and observe how much sense it all makes in re-engineering this unfolding 2020's global reset. Klaus and friends are just plagiarizing agendas from the past — Utopian lords who have always believed they must destroy in order to build-back-better than God. It's all orchestrated with the help of the complicit, the complacent, the naïve:
• , ... the artificial scarcity of grain was created (31)
• the systemic attempt to create grievances in order to exploit them ... engineered agitation / the arming of the populous against law and order (33)
• the devastation of the manufacturing towns ... and the ruin of her merchants can be traced, whilst the campaign against education formed a further part of the scheme (36)
stir up the rich against the poor and the poor against the rich. (40)
• by the end of 1794 public education was said to be non-existent (43)
• the attacks on the manufacturing towns of France was of course to create vast unemployment(43)
• Easter, Christmas, All Saints, days of the Virgin, of Kings, Saint Martin, fifty thousand patrons of parishes and priories . . . all these fetes and their morrows have been suppressed; (45)
• there was not even enough bread, money, or property to go round, but also, after the destruction of the aristocracy and bourgeoisie, not enough work. (46)
depopulation was indispensable because the calculation had been made that the French population was in excess of the resources of the soil and of the requirements of useful industry, (46-47)
• a plan to drive the people to revolt by means of a fictitious famine and so provide a pretext for killing them off. (52)
• the people were to be made the instruments of their own ruin. (61)
• of the plans it has formed for that general Revolution which is to overthrow all thrones, all altars, annihilate all property, efface all law and end by dissolving all society. (80)
• The essential thing is to isolate a man from his family, to cause him to lose his morals. (86)
• by systematic demoralization (87)
• " all is justified for the sake of the revolution," ... " the end justifies the means." (104)
• insinuating itself into every organization framed for the benefit of humanity, and turning it to an exactly opposite purpose, / condemning thousands of people "to compulsory idleness and real destitution," / leaders and working-men alike played the part of helpless puppets pulled by wires from behind, held in the hands of their sinister directors. (114)
• the hatred of Christianity (117)
• But the art of the revolutionaries has always been to check reforms by alienating the sympathies of the class in power, and they had no intention of allowing the people to be contented by pacific measures or to look to any one but themselves for salvation. (119)
• to "magnify doctrines which tend to nothing less than the overthrow of all the foundations on which society rests." (122)
scare news was passed from mouth to mouth: (133-134)
• "One half of Paris," wrote the Prefect of the Police, " wishes to imprison the other."(135)
agents of disorder had mingled in their ranks, strangers of sinister appearance ready to side either with police or mob in order to provoke a riot (136-137)
• the people were to be allowed to think they had acted on their own initiative. (144)
• to bring about a world conflagration. (144)
• "every effort is to be made to heighten and increase the evil and sorrows which will at length wear out the patience of the people and encourage an insurrection en masse." (73-174)
• They must have greater calamities, ruder shocks. ( 193)
• the idea of war on cities, (194)
• It is impossible to disentangle the truth from all this web of lying and intrigue; both sides had, as we know, accepted the doctrine that the end justifies the means, and both lied freely to obtain the mastery. (199)
• Everything, yes, everything must be destroyed, since everything must be remade." ( 202)
• the conviction that the present system cannot continue and must therefore be overthrown, which can only take place by forcible means." (216)
• the object is to smite the entire middle-class with annihilation." ( 216)
• their plans for the people's welfare are diametrically opposed to those of the people themselves. (228)
famine had been easy enough to engineer by buying up supplies, waylaying waggons of corn, or throwing sacks of flour into the river. But a hundred years later improved means of transport and the complicated modern system of food distribution had made such primitive methods impracticable. How, then, were want and hunger to be brought about? Only by some gigantic coup that would paralyze the whole country and lead to the Great Expropriation (235)
• Everything that will make confusion worse would be an advantage." ( 236)
• the destruction of the existing social order. (237)
• the one thing to be avoided is social peace. (241)
• a plan for feudalizing Capital, ( 243)
• the complete subjection of the people ( 259)
• by a course of systematic deception, and finally by force of arms, ... by the old method of the conspiracy — promising one thing and doing precisely the opposite. (259)
• When we accomplish our coup d'Etat, we will say to the people: "Everything has been going very badly, all of you have suffered; now we are destroying the cause of your sufferings — that is to say, nationalities, frontiers, and national currencies. (279)
• Our laws will be short, clear, and concise, requiring no interpretation, so that everybody will be able to know them inside out. The main feature in them will be the obedience required towards authority, and this respect for authority will be carried to a very high pitch. (279)
• But the ruse of the conspiracy has always been to use words with a double meaning, and not only this, but with meanings diametrically opposed to each other. (287)
• gigantic trusts controlled by international financiers. In this case the so-called war on capitalism is simply a war in favour of capitalism, of ruining all small holders of wealth or property in order to enrich a ring of multi-millionaries. (289)
• Every effort is made to persuade the public that no conspiracy exists, for once its existence is generally recognized its defeat is certain. Its whole success depends on secrecy. (292)
• we must endeavour by every means to gain over the reviewers and journalists; and we must also try to gain the booksellers, who in time will see that it is their interest to side with us. (293)
• the method of the conspiracy is the same today as it was a hundred and forty years ago — " calumny, corruption, and terror." (294)
crushing of all individual enterprise, (296)
• But even more horrible than the degradation of women is the systematic demoralization of children which is now being carried out (298)
• The spirit of evil that finds expression in the defilement and desecration of sacred things, in the systematic destruction of all nobility, all decency of thought and life, above all, in the poisoning of the child-mind, can be explained by no natural laws or mere human passions. (299)
A summarizing observation was this:
It is impossible not to admire the ingenuity of the system by which each section of the community was to be made to believe that it would reap untold benefits from [world order] — princes whose kingdoms were to be reft from them, priests and ministers whose religion was to be destroyed, merchants whose commerce was to be ruined, women who were to be reduced to the rank of squaws, peasants who were to be made to return to a state of savagery, were all, by means of dividing up the secrets of the Order into watertight compartments, to be persuaded that in [World Order] alone lay their prosperity or salvation,7
Yes, people, for those furthering agendas of destruction, it all makes perfect sense.

And whatever one thinks of David Icke, he tells it here about as succinctly as can be told:
"What Everyone Needs To Know In The Months & Years Ahead!!!"
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2. Pearl of Great Price | Moses 4:5-6
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44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
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12 Neither can any natural man abide the presence of God, neither after the carnal mind.
6. Webster, Nesta Helen. World Revolution: The Plot Against Civilization (1921) (p. 4). Kindle Edition. Here are some additional agendas that we will see if we do not stop this unfolding tyranny:
• at a given signal insurrections could be engineered simultaneously in all parts of the country (35)
• to rise in revolt against all ordered government was the first trumpet-call to World Revolution (36)
• the burning of the libraries and the destruction of treasures of art and literature, were all part of the scheme (42)
• a social revolution for " the common happiness and true equality" (54)
• Starting from the premise that all property is theft, it was decided that the process known in revolutionary language as "expropriation " must take place; that is to say, all property must be wrested from its present owners by force — (55)
• where "individualism was to be disallowed," and " each was to work for the benefit of all." (96)
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