Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Echoes from History?

At some point truth seekers will probably encounter the prolific and vociferous Mark Passio. Does he speak truth? I suppose that is for each of us to discern, but I do find it curious that a man who seeks to help re-establish a sense of “true care” in the world, repeatedly uses the phrase “I don't care” — mostly in reference to those who don't accept or who criticize his proclamations of truth. He claims that a unified consciousness is required to move this planet to a new level of spiritual maturity; that numbers matter; that the true great work is to “get others to abandon false religious beliefs1 and grow in consciousness”2; and that those who refuse are “the real enemy of mankind.”3 Does this philosophy not hold individual growth hostage to a collective mandate and lead inevitably to the very tirade we encounter at
Mark Passio New Age Mind Controlled Golemised Trolls
(Time 1:25:27; particularly first 15 minutes) at
Where have we heard this sort of demonizing before? in recent history? Listen to the first 15-odd minutes and we hear his anger and disgust: that the appallingly ignorant are not humans, but animals; that 90% of the world have no clue; they are the idiots of this world; they are like degenerated animals; they are the ones keeping this prison world going; they are degenerated, loathsome, retarded creatures; not humans, but things; they are causing the continuance of slavery that tortures him so. He does not soften his vitriol (or body-function references), but glories in them.

So if violence is to cause harm to an innocent person, and force is a rightful, lawful response to such violence (as he claims4), how near are we to claiming that the “appallingly ignorant” are causing violence to our right to a unified consciousness? and that force is a rightful response to ending the ignorance of these animals / things?

This is only the beginning of the flags that I see in the “truths” of Mark Passio. YES, he has some great insights and criticisms, but in coming weeks I will try to delineate some of the other flags of caution.

1. Passio claims all religions are a form of slavery, and that a belief in the need for salvation or a savior is the worst form of mental bondage.See Mark Passio New Age Mind Controlled Golemised Trolls (about minute 12:00) at
2. Natural Law, Part 3, circa 2:15:00 at (Mark Passio - Natural Law Seminar - New Haven, CT - Part 3 of 3)
3. Natural Law Part 3, circa 2:23:00
4. Natural Law Part 3, circa 0:30:00

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Seeing, We See Not?

Even if you think you know this “illusion,” try it again.

The Monkey Business Illusion (Time 1:41 min.) at
For well-over 70 years, we have been primed to focus on:
▪ the evils of socialism / communism;
▪ the manifest destiny of the United States;
▪ the unsurpassed strength of the US military;
▪ the prosperity and magnificence of the capitalist, corporate system;
▪ the greatness of the “American” Republic;
▪ the power of positive-thinking and believing;
▪ the just rewards of the elites;
▪ the virtues of “Americans” and the US constitution;
▪ the reality of the “American” dream;
BUT in all that focus and counting of our virtues, what have we missed?
▪ the growing psychopathy of elites in their pursuit of power and gain?
▪ the number of servant-citizens who have been suckered into psychopathic co-operation with these elites through fear, favor, or apathy?
▪ that the economic playing field is NEVER fair or level when people without conscience (PWOCs) are players or recruiters (and protected by governments and law enforcement)?
▪ the complete take-over of corporate media (left AND right) by corrupt powers to suppress investigation and truth, and to advance propaganda and false narratives that favor agendas?
▪ the # of whistle-blowers, witnesses, and investigative journalists murdered at the command of power-brokers?
▪ the outsourcing of “national-security” matters to private companies and criminal organizations?
▪ the massive surveillance and data collection of every person for purposes of control and co-operation?
▪ the targeting for destruction of anyone who complains about or resists the evils and deceptions of the power-elites?
▪ the world-wide guns for drugs trafficking?
▪ the massive amount of paedophilia, human trafficking, non-consensual human experimentation, organ trafficking, torture, and murder engaged in by the elites?
▪ orchestrated / manipulated crises, traumas, etc.?
▪ the theft of technology and patent rights from inventors by governments and big business?
▪ how much of all this is orchestrated from within and often played-out in the U.S.?
▪ how secret combinations have been the life-blood of elites throughout history?
▪ how entrenched and pervasive secret combinations have become in our day?
▪ how little we know of things as they really are?1
In addition to all the Déjà Vu Times and Déjà Vu Times II posts detailing much of the above, here is one more witness every person engaged in social media should know about: [As the first videos inserted below were removed(?) by the creator AIM after this Déjà Vu post was published, this new video has been inserted (March 31, 2018) in lieu of those that were removed for some unknown reason.]

Michael McKibben interview, CEO of Leader Technologies, Inc (Time 1:21:12) at;
2. See also: BATTLE FOR THE SOUL OF AMERICA by Michael McKibben, Leader Technologies(Time: 21:17)