Saturday, March 9, 2019

"Nonviolence for the Violent"?

The great déjà vu of history must be the continuity of domination systems and the violence that sustains them. When we look at our inner and outer selves and at the systems we have established, almost all—whatever the “altruistic” origins—seem to rapidly devolve into domination systems, even within our families.

But perhaps the greatest domination system in history is the deep state fronted by US, our secretive agencies, and coerced allies. When we finally open our eyes and ears to the depth of murder and mayhem that we have resorted to in pursuit of power, gain, and so-called security, the crimes and corruptions of the socialist/communist system will pale in comparison to those of the secretive, hypocritical Babylonian system1 that we have embraced and energized.

The violence that has been perpetrated by this nation that was born in such hope and promise is tragic beyond description. Many have tried to witness what they have seen and experienced, but so few USians want the truth; but for those who do, what do WE do so that we do not mirror the violence?

Perhaps we can learn vital lessons from 2000 years ago—not from the supposed wimp Jesus, but from the radical, outspoken Jesus who used the domination system against itself in nonviolent ways. Perhaps it is time to reassess what Jesus really intended with turn the other cheek; with let him have thy cloak also; with go the second mile.2

Walter Wink (1): Nonviolence for the Violent (Time 8:11) at
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Part 4 (Time 8:58) at
Part 5 (Time 10:01) at
For latter-day ideas for nonviolent resistance, check out Gene Sharp and his advocates.3

Oh, that we had a passionate, repentant Jonah4 preaching with power to a seeing, hearing US!

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