Monday, January 11, 2021

The “New Normal” Samaritan

(formerly known as The Good Samaritan1)

In continuity with Luciferian inversion of the Good, we are seeing an escalation of “You shall not choose of your own free will” because “You must love (care about) your neighbour in the manner WE, the labcoats, mandate.” This is the rationale for the New Normal. It is ALL (allegedly) about “keeping you safe and keeping me safe” using “love your neighbour” to sanction a plethora of lies2 founded in corrupted bio-science and power- / gain-theology. (I have dealt elsewhere, several times, with corrupted science and power obsession, so this post considers The New Normal Samaritan.)

The inversion of The Good Samaritan began with mandated isolation of the elderly. No seniors' facility visits. No hospital visits. No home visits by contagious(?) children / grandchildren / other relatives. We pretended roadside waving, window kisses, and virtual visiting would get us through to a cure, but the New Normal is meant to be normalized into fear, isolation, and blind obedience under cover of caring (and COVID). Do we not see the twist? the fraud?

And where is all this “caring” and COVID headed? It is headed into mandatory vaccination, as we all know from the headlines, but there is much more. The officials and headlines also tell us clearly that without proof of frequent vaccination upgrades, our access to travel, assembly, necessities, etc. will be severely restricted.3 So what does this have to do with The Good Samaritan? It has to do with whether those who comply with vaccination and other mandates will be allowed (or even want) to help those who resist or refuse and who, thus, suffer increasing lockout and lockdown. How many are already thinking: "They will deserve whatever befalls them"?

Already people are being programmed into hostility for those who do not wear masks, who question vaccination, or reject other mandates and duplicitous narratives. We are being psy-oped (lied) into a great divide and without a knowledge of human nature and power abuse,4 we are headed straight for a déjà vu crusade against the New Heretics. Remember the Middle Ages?
We therefore SUBJECT TO A CURSE, both themselves [those deemed Christian heretics] and their defenders and harborers, and, under a curse, we prohibit all persons from admitting them into their houses, or receiving them upon their lands, or cherishing them, or exercising any trade with them. But if they die in their sin, let them not receive Christian burial, under pretence of any privilege granted by us, or any other pretext whatever; and let no offering be made for them."5
By the same edict, it is enjoined that strict inquiry be made after these heretics, and that after examination by the prelates, if any be found to err in a single point from the Catholic faith, they are, in case of persevering in their error, condemned to suffer death by the flames, and to be burned alive in public view, while all are for bidden, under pain of the imperial indignation, to intercede in their behalf. The Emperor also by these decrees, so pleasing to the popes, declares infamous, and puts under the ban of the empire all who shall in any way receive, defend, or favor these heretics.*6

… they [non-Catholic Christians] were condemned as incorrigible heretics, and delivered to the civil magistrates to be punished. The King, at the instigation of the clergy, commanded them to be branded with a red-hot iron on the forehead; to be whipped through the streets of Oxford; and, having their clothes cut short by the girdles, to be turned into the open fields; all persons being forbidden to afford them either shelter or relief, under the severest penalties. This cruel sentence was executed in its utmost rigor; and taking place in the depth of winter, they all perished through cold and famine!"7
If we think the forbidding of aid to or trade with those deemed heretics to the New Normal is not possible in our sophisticated 21st Century, we are dead wrong. Just read The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil.8 Remember Nazi Germany? Recognize how far we have come in less than one year with numerous official puppets of the powers setting up rat-lines for ordinary men, women, and children to report offending, non-complying friends, neighbors, family, strangers.9 Everyone is encouraged to become an informer / enforcer for the powers

Until we are ready to acknowledge that this is a plandemic years in the making;10 that invisible enemies are perfect tools to spawn fear and control; that “Give me liberty or give me death”11 is a desperately needed universal cry, we will come to that day, far sooner than we can imagine, when this Biblical mandate will ring again: “Choose ye this day”12 — faith or fear? God or Babylon?

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Reporting public health violations to 311 is encouraged: Calgary mayor •
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