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Catastrophe Prophets* / Profits?

Anthony Fauci
If you are not familiar with Fauci's 2017 prediction about a “surprise” outbreak” of infectious disease during Trump's presidency, just web-search: “Fauci 2017 surprise prediction” to overwhelm yourself with references. Except the curious thing is the use of the word “surprise.” Why surprise? Considering history, science, and Fauci's considerable experience, there is solid expectation of some spreading contagion every year? We, the masses, may not know the precise version (is that the surprise?), although anticipatory vaccines1 are sometimes on hand for a shot in the dark at forecasted mutations.

But what is the meaning of surprise? An unexpected event? Except,
1) pandemics are not unexpected (How many simulated pandemic conferences have we already funded?); and
2) almost all the sample uses for “surprise” involve human planning by at least one party, especially when someone promises a “surprise.”2 
And why the seeming pleasure with which Fauci made his prediction? that uncontrollable micro-leaking similar to duping delight3? except duping is not quite right in this instance as there is truth in Fauci's prediction — a hint of privileged foreknowledge. So what should we call this micro pleasure? Disaster-delight? Or is it dumping-delight? as in karmic dumping4? karmic shift? Give a hint of what's coming (as in plandemic?) and if the people don't get it and stop the plan, then the blame is on them. Surprise! Surprise!

Bill 'n Melinda Gates
As to the Gates' prophecies, just YouTube-search “Gates second wave” to get an equally overwhelming prophetic concern / warning of coming catastrophe — with even more blatant samples of disaster-delight? Or just watch the Plandemic 2 - Indoctornation video referred to at the end of this post to observe the smiles.

Samuel Feinburg
Consider Sam Feinburg's, A Catastrophic Blackout is Coming - Here’s How We Can Stop It, (Given in 2017, re-posted 2020!5).

Feinburg's Helena Group (“a global think tank of extraordinary individuals focused on executing projects to improve the world; focused on solving big problems that matter”) is working on preparedness along with experts in NATO, CIA, USGS, NASA, NOAH, and the corporate world, as well as the Congressional EMP Commission (over a decade of work and funding), YET, in his conclusion, Feinburg feels to blame the audience (and subsequent TEDx viewers) for failing “to get out of bed and pull the brake!” Is that his prescription for “How We Can Stop It”? for the public “to get out of bed and pull the brake”? (Oh yes, and donate.) But let's ask! Pull the brake on what? an alien invasion (twice mentioned)? OR the 4 major concerns:
1) cyber attack
2) solar weather event as in a CME (coronal mass ejection)
3) EMP attack by a rogue power
4) physical attack on the grid by unknown saboteurs
all of which could bring a massive blackout of all things electric, electronic, digital, etc.

But what does Feinburg think we hire civil servants and security experts for? unless he means we can be blamed for failing to pull the brake on all the lies, deceptions, frauds, criminality, psychopathy, and power-mongering that have infiltrated and corrupted government, science, education, etc., etc. for decades. Yes, we carry huge blame for ignoring accountability, but it does not diminish in one iota the reach of Justice or create any “principle” of karmic dumping.

Almost all the concerns of (disaster-delighting?) Feinburg (and his groups) have been simulated, tabletopped, and, where possible, field-tested for decades. Just two examples from this Century are Event 2016 and Dark Winter7 (which Dark Winter, by the way, has been “prophesied” for 2020-2021) unless we get a better grip on COVID, which means more lock-down, business-closure, isolation, masking, testing, tracking, quarantine, vaccinating, rule-making, etc. etc. In short, making almost everything we do as humans harmful; making rights and freedoms illegal, and making astronomical profits for the insiders.

Can we see the red flags being hoisted for a Cultural Revolution? a revolution with all its coming horrors, déjà vu Mao? If we don't think it can come to that, it can. It has already begun for some and will spread as surely as Moa's “zao fan, which literally means to turn everything upside down.”8

Many may ask: Where is all the profit in destruction? Answer: Just ask the re constructionists, the vulture capitalists, the land & asset grabbers, Halliburton and friends.

If you are open to understanding the catastrophe prophets and profits, watch and share:
1. THE JAB: Featuring GlaxoSmithKline 9

Widely claimed by the profiteers and their sycophants (including paid “fact-checkers”) to be another debunked conspiracy theory, but YOU DECIDE: Whom should we believe?11
How easy it is to be a prophet if one has the power and control to make prophetic things happen or appear to happen; OR to intervene in or enhance coming events known either through surveillance or “celestial” observation. We should know by now that whenever we hear of a training or simulation exercise it will undoubtedly unfold amazingly concurrent with a real crisis / catastrophe. What is the next planned training / simulation?

And what should we hold foremost in our words and actions as we move to end this Mao-like zoa fan and begin to assert accountability upon those who have been unaccountable for decades?
Recompense to no man evil for evil.12
See that none render evil for evil unto any man;13
Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing;14
But I [Jesus] say unto you, That ye resist not evil [with evil]:15
Admittedly, it is a delicate balance: calling out for accountability; naming the abuses; seeing as best we can in the light of the science and history of human nature and its relation to power, gain, and glory, but we are precisely here at this zao fan because we failed accountability.

*Source; : Definition 6. a person who foretells or predicts what is to come.

1. Remember the Swine Flu vaccine; the bird flu, the H1N1. Interesting that we had alleged vaccines, considering the alleged many years it takes to develop and test them.
2. Source:
    Surprise: an unexpected event:
    Don't tell Anne we've arranged a party for her - I want it to be a surprise.
    It was a wonderful/nasty surprise to get home and find the letter. ...
    You're always full of surprises (= doing unexpected things).
    I wish you wouldn't keep springing surprises on me (= telling me unexpected things
or causing unexpected things to happen).
    They mounted a surprise attack at dawn.
    My uncle paid us a surprise visit yesterday.
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Author's Note: corrupted authority is now the norm and should be resisted as in “resist evil but not with evil.”
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