Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Echoes from History?

At some point truth seekers will probably encounter the prolific and vociferous Mark Passio. Does he speak truth? I suppose that is for each of us to discern, but I do find it curious that a man who seeks to help re-establish a sense of “true care” in the world, repeatedly uses the phrase “I don't care” — mostly in reference to those who don't accept or who criticize his proclamations of truth. He claims that a unified consciousness is required to move this planet to a new level of spiritual maturity; that numbers matter; that the true great work is to “get others to abandon false religious beliefs1 and grow in consciousness”2; and that those who refuse are “the real enemy of mankind.”3 Does this philosophy not hold individual growth hostage to a collective mandate and lead inevitably to the very tirade we encounter at
Mark Passio New Age Mind Controlled Golemised Trolls
(Time 1:25:27; particularly first 15 minutes) at
Where have we heard this sort of demonizing before? in recent history? Listen to the first 15-odd minutes and we hear his anger and disgust: that the appallingly ignorant are not humans, but animals; that 90% of the world have no clue; they are the idiots of this world; they are like degenerated animals; they are the ones keeping this prison world going; they are degenerated, loathsome, retarded creatures; not humans, but things; they are causing the continuance of slavery that tortures him so. He does not soften his vitriol (or body-function references), but glories in them.

So if violence is to cause harm to an innocent person, and force is a rightful, lawful response to such violence (as he claims4), how near are we to claiming that the “appallingly ignorant” are causing violence to our right to a unified consciousness? and that force is a rightful response to ending the ignorance of these animals / things?

This is only the beginning of the flags that I see in the “truths” of Mark Passio. YES, he has some great insights and criticisms, but in coming weeks I will try to delineate some of the other flags of caution.

1. Passio claims all religions are a form of slavery, and that a belief in the need for salvation or a savior is the worst form of mental bondage.See Mark Passio New Age Mind Controlled Golemised Trolls (about minute 12:00) at
2. Natural Law, Part 3, circa 2:15:00 at (Mark Passio - Natural Law Seminar - New Haven, CT - Part 3 of 3)
3. Natural Law Part 3, circa 2:23:00
4. Natural Law Part 3, circa 0:30:00